My name is Jake ken.. Once when I was searching the web for WIERD rituals and stuff and I found something saying "become a ghoul" (psst people who know Tokyo ghoul will know what's a ghoul) I researched what was a ghoul i read about them but I forgot to read they couldn't eat normal food I did the ritual but nothing happened I said"eh..."I'll go to sleep ** = Narrator speaks *The next morning* Aah WAIT WHAT*Jake ken would tentacles (or for Tokyo ghoul ppl kagune) on.his back* I think it worked*they'd go away* I'm hungry I'll go eat *Jake eats but he feels an awful taste in his mouth he'd go running to the bathroom and he'd vomit* what?*he'd read about them again and now hed see they can't eat normal food they can only eat humans*... Oh, no... ... (Psst I'll make a part 2 soon) Do you want to become a ghoul ##username## ?

Story is told by G.o.c.p


Kk lmao lol

Jaded Faddist

If I am to become a ghoul, it'll be fine; then I'll just consume the the corrupt government officials' fleshes.