"AAAAAH!" Alyana shouted while facing her troublesome reflection through a mirror, being terrified and aggravated by a not so large and growing dark-brown lump on the ridged part of her nose. A mole, an unusual and weird mole. At first, warts had began to grow on her left lateral knee and at the base of her right index finger; after days being bothered by those warts, the creepy mole appeared and started to grow fast as well, like she's attaining to culture some colonies on her body. "You know 'karma'? That's what you get from bullying Marco all the time!", as Christa says making fun of Alyana's creepy black mass. "So what are you saying!? That I could become like Marco? Hell no!", as Alyana seems to curse Marco; "Just kill me then if that's going to happen!", jokingly she said, but undoubtedly flustered, irritated and overreacted by the fact that she might transform to a "human mole" as how she usually calls and bullies Marco, who has enormous and countless number of lumpy moles on his face. Alyana bought and had tried so many costly and said to be the best products that can possibly remove such warts and especially the creepy mole of hers, unluckily, the situation seems to worsen each day. On that day, she asked Christa's help; she then suggested Alyana to try a mole remover she saw online, which is a trend and said to be an effective one on a cheap price. Alyana wanted to give it a try. She's so desperate to get rid of that freakish swellings bothering her whole being. They settled immediately for an online shipping service of such product; and had set them up by the particular supplier that certainly the product will be delivered right away and may received by Alyana within the day. Dominated feet were walking along with repeated steps; Alyana's patience progressively decreases (ridiculously the opposite of her mole). That mole remover's her only hope. After hours of waiting, "Ding!Dong!" The two halted for seconds; gazing each others' eyes imparting on what to do next. They both rushed downstairs. As Christa got first, she opened the door and became startled; she then shifted her widened-by-being- shocked eyes onto Alyana's; bringing Alyana into confusion: "What the hell?", then she fully opened the door herself. Alyana had been dumbfounded by someone on her doorway. "Mar-co? What on e-!", Alyana stuttered along with the brink of confusion that's drowning her. Marco, wearing his expressionless face dotted with black masses says "Oh..." then pulled a medium-sized box from his paper bag: "I came to deliver this mole remover you ordered."

Story is told by Jaded Faddist

Jaded Faddist

RandomWriter, Lakompaque