A long time ago when I was 15 I was interested in paranormal activity so one day I invited my friends. They were called Oscar Olivia Suzie and lisa. We were going to play the Ouija board when I remember when I bought it the cashier said "I know you will bring this back" I was even more excited to have a scare but Olivia was shivering!!! 5mins into the game I heard really loud banging noises so I asked the Ouija board "is there anyone here coming to hurt us " then ....IT LANDED ON YES we said goodbye then went to bed but oscar stayed put. At 3am Lisa Olivia Suzie and I heard a a very loud scream IT WAS OSCAR we went to investigate then I said OMG OSCAR HANG IN THERE I saw that he was STABBED after the police investigated the house the doctors came . The police said there was nothing in the house in the morning we had some news from the doctors.... oscar didn't make it so please don't play the Ouija board ever if you don't wanna die,have a nice day

Story is told by Graceyjumpscare


Hi everyone graceyjumpscare here thankyou for reading this and sorry it was short but this did take about half an hour to make