Amongst all of my eighth grade classmates, there's nothing could match the strangeness of Jillian Carpenter. She's the type of person that no one wants to get along with. Jillian only had a few friends; but they don't belong in the school, where they were, no one knows and no one really cares about them and Jillian---in fact, some doubted that her friends ever existed. As some would say, Jillian is a geek, for she do really excel in almost, or should I say, all of the academics in both curricular and extra-curricular aspects; most likely, in the fields of science and history. As a matter of fact, I do like Jillian; no, not in a romantic way, I just wanted to befriend her, for I too was treated like her in this school's cruel and discriminating community--but I think Jillian doesn't want my kind gesture to be her friend. She casually avoids me all the time as if she's hiding away from me. Most of the time when not in class, she always stays in the library for several hours until the next class comes in schedule. But no, she doesn't read books nor articles from magazines and newspapers. Every time I catch her in the library, I would see her in front of the computer, browsing for images of well known historical figures, places and events, downloads it, prints it out and cuts them into squares which she later pastes inside her locker. For some, it may seem unlikably strange; but for me, in her situation, it seems normal. But until later----- As time went by so fast, I became concerned about Jillian's strange unsociable actions, that I developed a habit of observing her movements around the school grounds, like the way how she lasts a day without interacting with other people. One day of the 3rd of August, our upcoming Science topic concerns about Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Early in that morning, as I came to school, I saw Jillian, at school already, rushing across the lobby and towards the hall with a few picture cut-outs on her hand and turned her way towards the empty hallway where the lockers are. I don't know why but my first impulse was to follow her, and so I did. I kept a close distance behind her, bending myself low so that I could make less noise. I sneaked around the corner where she turned and the following events held me in shock and amazement. I saw Jillian unlocked her locker door and pasted the small pictures inside of it. Then she stepped in and closed the door behind her. I waited for sometime for her to come out but a sudden thought came to me----how could a five-three ft. tall girl like her fit inside such a locker for a span of several minutes? What is she up to? What's that supposed to mean? Slowly I went out of hiding and approached Jillian's closed locker door which was slightly ajar. I held my breath as I cautiously opened it; but I was suddenly confounded when I could find no sign of her inside except for the printed and photocopied cut-outs of historical still images; especially, a black and white photograph of Albert Einstein talking to a girl who looks strikingly similar to Jillian herself. I can't really explain well what happened that time and I still consider it just as a freak coincidence and quickly disregarded all of my wild suspicions. Later that day, Jillian appeared on class and she did what she always do----excel. She amused our teacher with all of her own explanations and answers from her eager recitations, for she knows the details all too well as if she made the theory of relativity herself, or it could be that Einstein himself talked to her and explained it all inside that locker beyond the layers of that photograph. I really couldn't tell, but still I am eager to know.

Story is told by RandomWriter


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