There was this girl(lets say her name was meg)who had a house that she got from her uncle will, she went there to check the house and heard this wierd voise, she thought it was the radio but she saw a wierd shadow in the third floor, she was standing there until the creature moved, she ran back to her car and asked for help from 2 boys, chester and parker, at night they went there with meg and put cameras around the whole house and slept there, they woke up at 6 am to review the fotage from last night and saw nothing, until a short white girl was walking and singing in the third floor, she had long hair and was wearing a white dress. THE next day they did the same, they put cameras all around the house and went to sleep, they woke up and went to wake meg up but she was just siting under her blanket and not doing anything, AFTER they reviewed the fotage they were in shock, they saw the same girl in a basment writing something, then she holded a sign with the word HELP ME in it, then there was this very tall creature with half bald head and some long hairs, that came from the back running and broke the camera, AFTER they reviewed the fotage they heard meg screaming so they went to where she was screaming and found her, she told them that the creature locked her here, AFTER that they went to meg room and found the creature in her bed, AFTER he saw them he got up and started running AFTER them, they went to chester and parker house and cslled the cops, they asked meg who was that girl that Needed help, she just ran away and blocked their number, they went back to help the girl but the only thing they found was her body with no head! Hope you like it

Story is told by Luxuary life