Note:this is a dream i actually had,and i refuse to watch the new Movie because of it. So i dreamed that me,my boyfriend,and a bunch of our friends,including online friends,we stuck in this old house with no lights except our flashlights and the doors and windows were locked.I go to the fuse box to try to figure out what is wrong,when the newer character,the spork thing(forgot his name) attacked me and knocked me down.I get up and run back to the others,who are being attacked by Woody,Buzz,Bo Peep and all the other characters from Toy Story.We all manage to fight them off and leave the basement where the dream started.every time we try to get to the front door the halls change and we go in circles.Finally someone breaks a window and we all get out only to be chased by the toys.This is when i woke up. Any idea what this dream meant?

Story is told by Black Cat


I don't know what it meant but the dream seemed so scary. I hope I didn't offend you somehow. If I did I'm really very sorry.

Black Cat

why the eyeroll? i wasn't asking anyone specifically.

Shayashta Stallone

I got no clue?