Author's commentary: Before you say that this isn't scary. I'll write this in your pov. As the reader, you can imagine the entire incident. But anyways, hope you enjoy. You're cleaning the bathroom, just picking up towels. You put the towels in the cabinet. Just an everyday thing. You cross over to the shower and start cleaning there. An hour or two passed by while you were cleaning. You head out to grab glass cleaner. You walk down the stairs and hear the cabinet in the bathroom creak open, you think nothing of it because it could just be a cat. You look everywhere but can't seem to find the glass cleaner. You check the hallway once more time and find it on the floor. You think to yourself,"That's weird. Well maybe I knocked it off." You shrug it off and pick it up. You head back up the stairs. As you enter the bathroom you look around and see no cat. You again shrug it off thinking, they must have ran out. You close the cabinet and lock it in place. You start cleaning the first window when you hear the latch come undone. You chuckle nervously and think,"Oh, it just did that by itself." You shake your head to clear your mind of it. As you head to clean the mirror, you take one step near the cabinet. You hear a deep, raspy voice said,"BACK UP!" No one is in the room with you, and the voice came from the cabinet.. You drop the glass cleaner and back up slowly. You end up backing up into the door, you slowly turn to leave and you hear a growl from behind you,"Get out!"

Story is told by misteronblueeyes

Jaded Faddist

No way, I don't want this kind of incident would happen to me.