I'm at a hotel and this hotel is a 20-story hotel and I was shocked how tall it was I have to fear of heights but eh who really cares anyway I won't look down the window, If I would that's my fault. I walked to the hotel and I booked in for a hotel room it was in the 13th floor people say to unlucky number but that's just a superstition, when I headed to the elevator it was just normal fine, I headed to my room 103. I was in the hotel because I had to visit my family in Florida but I'm in Georgia, I need rest, so instead I decided to play around the elevator for a little they had no security though I wondered why, I went down to floor number 1 to get a snack then I play around with the elevator so, I did I pressed 13 the second time, and it showed all the lights going out but when I entered this ghost appeared on my face I headed to the first floor and pressed the rooftop and it showed the same hallway from number 13, I got scared the only Floors I can go is floor 1 and 13. I selected 13 again and went to my room, I went inside quickly and put the don't disturb and when I noticed that I was missing something it was coffee so I went to go down and I paid for coffee and went to go back to the room, then I pressed number 13 and the elevator got stuck then it was shaking hard and I got scared then it stopped the elevator doors opened it showed the hallway of floor 13th then the lights when out in the hotel in this floor I think but then when the lights when out for the last light I was like do I go but then I was like nah I went for it then I saw a ghost right in front of me it was Helena my sister that died in the hotel a few years ago then my head exploded. The End (Read this Author Note if you want to) Author Note: I lost motivation in this app because of Fnaf world that game took over then Roblox but I hope you enjoyed the story and if copyrighted it will be acted upon immediately and if any problems with this story comment down below.

Story is told by Ava loves stories