Steve had been unemployed for 4 months already after getting out of the Army. Oh sure he had had aspirations after being discharged but none of them had come to fruition. It was when he was at his wits end and the bills were stacking up that he saw a job listing on one of the job boards online. "Security Third Shift Needed ASAP", it was nothing grandiose and the pay was minimal, but Steve at least knew he met the qualifications and it could get him by until he found something better. He submitted his resume and went out to watch tv while he waited to hear something back.   He didn't have to wait long. about two hours later he received a call. "Hello I'm looking for a Steve Attwood?" "This is him." "My name is Richard Clarke, we received your resume and were very impressed by it. We're also a military friendly company so we'd like to thank you for your service. If you're still interested in the position please report to 335 Industry Way at 11 P.M. on Wednesday for your training. Our security officer there currently is about to retire, but he'll be there your first week to give you on the job training. We look forward to working with you!" Before Steve could say anything the man had hung up. He thought it was very odd that they would start him with even so much an interview, but then again he remembered how desperate the ad sounded. With that he wrote down everything so he didn't forget and went to bed.     Finally Wednesday came and Steve drove out to what would be his new job site. The facility was on the outskirts of town, but despite what Steve had expected the building was quite new looking and was well lit. As he walked inside he also noticed everything was quite technologically advanced. It wasn't the run down building a night watchman usually gets stuck with in movies or tv shows. What was out of place though was the empty reception/security desk. For some reason Steve began to grow uncomfortable subconsciously. It was far too quiet in the building even being third shift. He debated walking back out to his car and calling Clarke when he heard a voice come from behind him..... "Sorry I was in the can. You must be the new guy. I'm Tim Burke. I heard you were in the Army? I was an Air Force guy myself." Steve looked at Burke, he was short and on the heavier side for his age, which Steve estimated was the lower side of 60. "You're quite a bit younger than the usual guys we get here. Usually this is just a place where people collect a paycheck and wait to retire. Myself included if you hadn't heard." "So what's the deal with this place Burke?" "Well the place itself contains labs for some of the big wig contracting companies for the government. Research and Development type stuff. Place is usually pretty quiet during 3rd shift, maybe have 3-5 people within the whole building during our shift. A lot of funding has been cut recently because of some political crap, but it won't affect us none." "Alright well let's get down to it then Mr. Burke if you don't mind."     The first night was pretty dull and uneventful. Burke had taught and ran Steve through all of his job duties. The main points of the job were to patrol the entire building once every two hours and then the rest of the time sit in the security room and monitor cameras. The job wouldn't win any exciting career awards, but it was so easy and laid back that Steve almost felt like he was getting free money. Burke even said that as long as you did your patrols and scanned your ID at each of the check in points that you could just sit and play on your phone or read while you were in the security room.    Eventually it was time for Steve's second night. He put on his uniform and grabbed his lunch and a book and headed out the door. Burke had been impressed how quickly he had grasped the job and so tonight he was letting Steve do his own patrols. Before Steve knew it he was at the building again. The first few hours of the shift went by without a hitch, but the sixth hour things started to get strange. Steve watched on the computer and saw that Burke hit all his patrol points, scanning his ID at each, while reading​ his book and occasionally looking up at the cameras. Finally after looking up at the cameras Steve started to notice something in the camera in the Veretech labs section of the building. However every time Steve tried to get a clear view of what it was all he saw was a blur and then it was gone. Whatever it was each time it was just out of view, almost as if it knew the exact location of each camera and was teasing Steve by just barely avoiding detection. Eventually after a half hour it stopped and so Steve just chalked it up to a problem with the cameras in that sector. Later Burke returned from his patrol and now it was Steve's turn for a patrol. He was tempted to skip the Veretech labs, but then something compelled him to check out there first. Despite what he had seen or thought he saw on the monitors, everything was in order in that sector. Everything that is except something odd, Steve found a single shoe in the locker room area. He picked it up and there was some kind of wet substance on it. Steve finished his patrol and returned to Burke and decided to ask about it. "Haha freaked out already new guy? Don't let this place get the best of you. A lot of people on night shift that work here usually bring a change of clothes for after a shower in the locker room. Somebody probably worked all day and night, felt grimy, took a shower and was still wet from it, went to change dropped their shoe maybe because they had another pair, dripped water on it since it was on the floor and then just left it. You'd be surprised how much someone misses or forgets when they're tired. Well that and people around here are lazy." Despite the two strange incidents the rest of the night went without a hitch.     The next two nights went fine despite the blurry camera feed persisting in Veretech labs. Monday Steve showed up and clocked in and started off in the control room. Burke volunteered to do patrols first, as he usually did so he could get them over with quick and then come back and nap. Everything seemed fine, in fact the Veretech cameras weren't even blurry anymore. However an hour later Burke hadn't returned. A standard patrol usually took about 30 minutes or so, and at first Steve thought maybe Burke was in the bathroom again, as he so often was, but as time ticked on Steve decided to try him on the radio. Nothing. Several attempts and several minutes later Steve decided to go out and look on the patrol route. Burke was older and not in the best of shape, he could have had a heart attack or fallen. He couldn't just leave him out there. The first place Steve decided to check was Veretech labs. As he got there he could immediately tell something was wrong. For some reason the doors to the labs weren't covered by the cameras and that's why Steve had missed whatever had knocked them off their hinges. Despite this, Steve was unable to find anything there or anywhere else that would hint to the location of Burke.    Steve decided to go back to the control room and try to get in touch with Clarke about the strange going ons. As he got close to the security room door it clicked open. All the security guards had a proximity chip in their badges that unlocked the door when you got very close so you didn't physically have to swipe the card, which was quite convenient if your hands were full. As Steve picked up his cell to dial Clarke he heard something in the hallway. It wasn't exactly the sound of footsteps, but it wasn't exactly the sound of something dragging either, but a mixture of the two. It was getting closer to the door....Steve started to panic, but then remembered the door was locked and was made of a heavy grade steel. Whatever it was would be hard pressed to...he heard the beep of the proximity system and the click as the door popped open and then swung inward. What Steve saw in those few moments he had no way of knowing how to describe what he saw. It was unlike any creature he had ever seen before. However what he did know was that whatever the abomination was it had Burke's ID card somewhere on it...or in it. That was the last structured thought Steve had as the thing moved in... it's jaws dripping the same substance Steve had found on that shoe many nights before.   A few weeks later the Police had given up searching for the two missing guards and the missing lab worker. Eventually the labs opened back up again, despite all the odd things the Police had been able to find in the facility such as trails of some strange goo, broken down doors, doors open that could have been opened by one of the two guards ID cards, and the badge of Steve Attwood which looked like it had gone through a blender even though it was made of brass. A week later the ad was back up "Security Guards third shift needed ASAP".

Story is told by Chris Neer


Cool, didn't even read it but cool.