I was walking in a forest like the really dumba and stupid guy I am and heard a wolf type of howl or screech or whatever its called, I noticed a cab but it drove away before I could pick up speed and run to it. Then mysterious bite and scratch marks popped out of nowhere into my legs cause why not that part. I mysteriously could not see my attacker which was weird so I thought it was invisible right cause you technically can't see invisible entitites and other anomalies? Anyways the invisble wolves threw another attack this time reaching almost my arms but I safely and luckily flinged then of these invisible wolves property and decided to run for it and once I saw a road there was a cab so I hopped in. I wonder what would've happened if there was no cab.

Story is told by Mesia


I agree. This one was very good. Keep it up.

Shayashta Stallone

Really good.... i liked it.. keep it up.. (×-×)