You need to listen. It may save your life. When you were younger you could see shadows that looked odd or out of place and your parents just brushed it off they did that because they were adults and can not see the evils that lerk in the dark. Try to remember the rules. If you don't let me remind you if you see something or even feel something off 1cover your self withe your blanket.2dont move even if you can't breathe to good3 don't make any noise. I want to tell you something. Kids can see and feel the evils that lerk in the dark. Teens can only feel them. Adults can't do either. Slowly as our imaginen fades so does our ability to sense and see them. Remember if something feels off cover your self withe your blanket, don't move, and definitely don't make noise. This has saved me many times. Please listen.

Story is told by Rose14

Shayashta Stallone

Cool... I'm getting goosebumps