Hi im jane ... and this is my story. It might be weird... Honey wake up! "My mom yelled"' im awake mom"i yelled back"' i got up'* well I got to get ready for school ,"i said to myself" after getting ready* as i walked down the stairs i heard my mom yelling at my sister as usual " as i walked out the door i saw someone looking at me ' do you need anything?" I said* we sat in silence...", "i just walked away" ok.. that was weird "i said" *at School* hey girl "my friend sydney said"hi!"i said" there was something weird Today.."i said" what was so weird?"sydney said" (Thats the end of part one this is my first story sorry its bad (i will do part 2 in A few weeks) ( im really lazy lol)

Story is told by Angel lewis

Angel lewis

Shayashta Stallone, hello i will make it longer

Shayashta Stallone

Well... I'll be waiting for it then.. good one.. i really wanna know