My family moved to our new home after our dad got transferred to a new state. We were a small family just my parents, my two brothers, I was the only girl child and the middle one at that. Everything was okay on our first night but things changed the next night when we heard a screeching noice coming from the hallway. "Hey, Dad you hear that noise?' I asked dad on the phone . He said yes and told me to go back to sleep as he had already checked and everything was okay. Let me tell you that our people had this superstitious belief that a mosquito net helps in preventing ghosts or any evil to harm you. And as a child I truly believed it had powers to protect me. The next day, while I was helping my mom in the kitchen I felt a presence, like someone was watching us.I turned but no-one was there. Every night I prayed and slept as I was afraid something would come unexpectedly and take me away to a dark place.

Story is told by Taemen

Jaded Faddist

Oh my! Actually, I do have this weird fetish for mosquito net; I can't sleep without feet rubbing against the such ahaha! I think I must be glad about it; so it's been protecting me since my childhood. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯