Finally, I've got the opportunity to get my things from the boardinghouse I was staying at. Merely a relief to gather all my belongings, and stay here at home everyday, even so, the feeling of sadness keeps my mind reminisce the gest I had from that place: the things I've learned, those people I've met, and my friends whom I'd shared happy memories with. Oh, I wonder if the small, single-sitter couch outside the gate has already been transferred back in the girls' common room.The landlady used to assign us and gave us the responsibility back then to place that small couch outside for sun exposure every Sunday morning, assuming to kill any capable parasites that are actively exist through inmost parts of the couch. Well, five days ago before I had totally left that boardinghouse, I was the last person who placed that couch outside at the front left side of the sliding-gate, it's not that heavy, I even could carry it out all the way outside, I think that was around 9am. I came back after school, and I saw the landlady's husband sitting still on that couch with his arms laid on both of the couch's inside-arms while him staring straight pass through the other side of the road, wearing a blue-collared shirt and pants; that was the second time I met him for about seven months of staying in that place. In that moment, I didn't looked at him that long. I'm not that much of an approachable and conversational person, unless if I had known that person for a long time, but I managed to greet him that Monday afternoon while I was exerting effort pulling the sliding-gate open facing him with my back; I didn't heard any response from him. When I was about to close the gate, I waited 4 or 5 seconds for any action or reaction from him without any certain and particular reasons, I thought maybe he'll come along inside, I don't know. So I decided to just not lock the gate and leave it slightly open. I was not even concern about placing that couch back in our common room, he's the landlady's husband, so why bother? The next morning, surprisingly, that landlady's husband was sitting again stay-still on that couch with his left arm resting against the surface of the couch's left inside-arm; his right arm settled its open hand on his right proximal thigh while the elbow's settled on the right inside-arm of the couch; he was wearing the same clothes from yesterday as well! That time, I happened to take an immediate glance unintentionally onto his eyes: he was staring below the ground slightly faced down. I greeted him "good morning" as if it was required, I wasn't waiting for any response, I wasn't even looking at him as well, thus I am not sure if he nodded or what, so I went ahead through a walk. That day, I went home, and not prompted to go at the boardinghouse. The next day, it was afternoon, I met the landlady's husband again, still sitting on that small single-sitter couch, and believe it or not, he's wearing the same clothes from the other day! I tried to take a quick and brief look at him but I was surprised by my roommate's presence and was giving me the intro of her newly grasped gossip. She was looking for the couch when we were in the common room, well, it's at the front gate for almost 4 days, and I told her that surely, the landlady knows, without us being even concern about placing it back inside the common room for the reason that the landlady's husband was using it. I finally have to leave that place. I gave the man a "goodbye" this late afternoon, and from before, he's still sitting there, wearing the same clothes. I just went ahead to leave that memorable place and left the landlady's husband sitting still on the couch. Honestly, I am now really bothered about it, not sure if what heck's the reason. I just hope he'll take the responsibility in placing that couch back in the girls' common room, never leave it outside that might be soaked wet by the rain. Damn, I'm hoping as well that if they're up to find a solution to eliminate that putrid odor strolling around the front gate for days! I wonder how did the landlady's husband managed to endure sitting all day on the couch at the front gate with that emitted odor of something maybe from a rotten dead animal. I just wonder...

Story is told by Jaded Faddist

Jaded Faddist

Inti, Thank you! This one's my first ever creepy and strange story though. I'll write more!


Wow! This is so good! I just love how the details is expressed in this story. That is truly amazing.