You stare at the white sky, all the sudden your body lifts. You see something far away walking to you, you try to sit up but, you can't. You try to scream, but still your screams are blocked. Then what is coming closer comes in contact with your Vision, they are people. But, there faces are blank and they have no facial features, not even ears. They are 2d there clothes are a plain color, it looks like the creses on there clothing are black lines. There hair is never moving. And they can't walk, they just move closer and closer to you. They all look like people you know. They stop, the leader of them all says:"we our your copy, the world will end soon. All your family and friends copies are here, do you want to live?" Then they reach there hand out to you.... "Oh, just a ba-"you see them again"its your coice" snap!! Oh, just a bad dream. Then you see a figure in the hall way. "Tell me if you change you mind" SNAP ~to be continued~

Story is told by EnderGamerGirl


DeadRebel, ?thanks now im more scared


EnderGamerGirl, Imao Could It Be CBS? (Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a disease in which visual hallucinations occur as a result of vision loss. CBS is not thought to be related to psychosis or dementia and people with CBS are aware that their hallucinations are not real. The hallucinations people with CBS experience can be described as simple or complex.)


They are figures that of my imagination, but I have seen them in my dreams, and public places. Maybe, they are real...



Jaded Faddist

I wonder if theyre doppelgangers (๑•﹏•)