A girl, no two...yet one. Twins attached at the side. A long time ago the two girls dressed up like a porcelaine doll and treated like a freak is what you may think. But the two girls were kept away. In a mansion deep and dark far away in the forests in England. The girls parents had left them for dead when they were but children around 10 perhaps. They left them in a musty and cold mansion in the woods. With the power of two painfully they survived yet they sought not the help of others. They knew they would be put up as freaks and treated terribly by the people bellow. That line their parents had told them, in fact they had written it in a book for the girls. Beware the people below. The girls learned to gather food and live by themselves but they began to grow mad as time past 11,12,13 they couldn't stand each other. They argued day and night cried and broke vases. Yet they still wore the dresses they both loved to make. Cute but sad. They played piano and read in silence and sadness. On their 14 birthday one of them couldn't take it anymore she grabbed the knife that they where to use to cut their sad looking birthday cake. She stared into the knifes reflection with a deep pan look on her face and tilted the knife showing her sisters reflection. A single tear fell down her cheek. Somehow almost by fate a man went hunting in those woods and found an old musty looking mansion. It must be abandoned right? He entered the mansion and asked if someone was there. Silence, he walked into a room with a piano and found a horrid sight two girls dead, blood spilt all over the floor holding hands, seperate yet he knew what happened just from looking at the scene. Unfortunately the beautiful sad sisters didn't share thoughts but they shared a heart...they couldn't bare to live together anymore yet couldn't live apart.

Story is told by kimi666