Previously on the Vicous wolf... Samantha got rid of Amanda and saw that Amanda already had a new family so she got mad she wanted Amanda back. So the next day Samantha got mad about Amanda having a new family and Amanda had a bad dream that Samantha was coming to get her back and kill the family.So Amanda tried to warn the family but it did not work cause they didn't understand the wolf so they just ignored them but then the next day they moved before Samantha could get them.just then Samantha came and killed a different family.then the next day amanda ran away and then found Samantha and they lived happily untill.... Hope you guys enjoyed this story comment if you want a part 5 and let's get to 10 likes for this story so ya hope you enjoyed and now I am going to be doing some shout outs so to enter comment...????

Story is told by Xx_lonewolfie_xX


Im talking to endergirl


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Thx lonewolf u are so sweet,sweet like sugar


So, it's not describing detail, And it all happened WAY to fast. The reader doesn't know what the hell to do, I'm defecting a minors work here... I think your busted...


Dang this is a nice story hope it does even better then ever