When I was 5 years old my baby sis was born, 2 months after that my great grandma died. Befor any of this had happened we have been seeing shadows around our house, And been feeling like someone was watching us. Then one night my sis started to cry, so my mom picked her up and took her to the living room, she was about to put her in her swing when she saw a shadow under it, it wasn't her Shadow either. The shadow looks like the top half of somebody's body. And then it disappeared. After that the only things that have really been happening to us are things like cup's falling off counters and feeling like somebody puts their hand on us with the feeling of comfort. my mom believes it's our grandma. (babies and elderly people can sense ghosts because babies were just born an elderly people are close to death)

Story is told by Zoe.f


This story is good. Keep it up!