As an officer of the law im supposed to protect but now its mayhem. Availability at the time was rough there were multiple issues with the town of vameland OK. There were laws being made, not like the town would follow them, about speeding and taxes etc. This town has seen better days, in fact its been wiped off the map as non-existent. Buildings were old and broken streets were littered with more than just garbage. I was on a case with my mentor officer Collins, im a rookie cop. I watched as he drove through town with disgust on how great it once was. He tried to speak to me. "So officer um... Willis, how was coming town." He spoke with an old curious voice. "Well it could've been better." i said as i saw his tattered clothing, there wasn't a lot of funding here so we wore acid washed police suits, the blue from our suits almost faded away and im fairly sure these are just denim. The only real thing real on us was the badges, even the car just had lights attached to it with some stickers that said v.p.d. we were on our way to see the body of a murdered man who had a slit throat and a symbol on the wall thats all i heard any way. Upon arriving we found one of those rare wealthy houses, the garden needed much trimming and the paint on the house was chipping but other than that it was a pretty nice house. The door up front opened quickly and an elderly woman ran out and almost tackled me. "Miss please there wad a murder you have to help me!" We think she had poor eyesight cause she didn't recognize we were police, that or because we wore practically store bought costumes. She took us inside, there were beautiful paintings everywhere and many sculptures. The elderly woman explained that the murdered man was famous for art works. We traveled up stairs to the room the body was but we didn't find anything only a weird symbol on the wall and some blood soaked carpet that was hard to tell cause it was a really burnt orange color. "I dont believe it he-e is alive!" The elderly woman said. " im not so sure about that." Collins said as he investigated the carpet. I was more focused on the yellow wall and the symbol i know ive seen it somewhere it looked like a backward 3 with a loop on the end peg and a line down the middle with another line oblique to that. After all was done we took the Elder woman to the car and took her down to the police station i tried to calm her down cause she thought she was being arrested. Collins thinks who killed the painter was probably there the whole time and was waiting for her to leave so he/she could get rid of the boddy. But the symbol were did i see that before? The elder we interrogated was hard to understand she kept stuttering and the only knowledgeable word she said were oh my god im going to jail. We took her to a senior citizens center so we could look further at the missing dead man. I only wanted to go back and look at that symbol were have i seen it before? Its been gnawing at my brain ever since i saw it. When We got back to the area of origin we found that the room had been cleaned no blood or symbols anywhere. We looked around a bit and found a strange sculpture a cement block sized thing was made of wood and it looked awful some splashing demon thing of many indescribable features all i could tell was it had eyes it stood up on tentacle like leg things and the body of the beast looked of a seed pod or whatever those spiked ball things that fell from trees were called. " the lord has answered my prayers i havent had a good mystery since i was still in my youth ha ha!" He voice still old and still very raspy he was right though im surprised he wasnt retired yet. His favorite story was of telling people how he fought off a disease some knife wound gave him and how he was supposed to die 10 years ago, but he didnt and now im here. We took the sculpture back to hq or a bank that was abandoned yeah again tight budget. To have it examined. We saw a man with the name of albert wenton or as most people say prof. Went he didn't like that though so i just called him prof. Wenton. Collins on the other hand apparently was childhood friends, however long ago that was. He looked at it for awhile and then we gotva call on a sub mission some walmart had a graffiti artist steal a their semi. So as a cop should we went. It was harder to get there has the town that looks like low budget apocalypse film had a broken bridge in the middle of the road that no one bothered to rebuild, its been there for 2 years. After an hour of navigating past that we arrived at the area origin. You heard me say that alot this phrase is were the call came from f.y.i. i got there to see a broken garage door with wait... It was the symbol! We told the worker at walmart that we were on the case on the vandal and that he needed something lethal to protect him cause the person who did it was a murderer and he obliged. We got another call from prof. Wenton that he made a discovery of importance. We arrived at his place there were more wooden statues on the table from the looks of it were of the same material and the elderly woman there too.the sculpture consist of entitys such as a tornado things a ball of monstrosity a tree of flesh and many others even a man made skull that didn't have a mouth i tried writing this down but my discolored pencil broke and my paper tore what company makes this? Prof. Wenton explained that he got the woman so he could ask some questions he then showed us the bottom to see the symbol once again and at the very top right corner in tiny letters fred godierez the elder woman frantically explained that that was her husband's name. Why would he sculpt a creature with a symbol of which killed him. Prof. Wenton started to say " i dont think we have a murderer i think we have a cult!" As soon as he said those words the doors kicked open and i find myself on the floor with Collins next to me and prof. Wenton dead from multiple bullet wounds on the ground. We looked up to see persons with blue robes with red lining design have us standing at gunpoint. We looked over to the elder woman who was givin a robe and put it on " you but why?" The elder lady said "my name is cathy." We watched as the cultists spread apart and 3 robed people walked in left one wore red robe with black lining design with 2 rips on his head the one on the right wore a white robe with gold lining design, and lastly the one in the middle had a combination of both he wore a crown that was dirty iron spiked that converts into a gold crown that is in fact beautiful in the middle of his chest was the symbol the person in the middle seemingly a man judging by the voice explained how the symbol wad gold and bronze it luck and misfortune it was good and evil. As he said this he pulled out a book. Thats it! If this town had any hope in it, it would be at the library it was a sign of hope a peacemaker it was better than the churches here in fact that was were most people prayed. I went there once trying to learn the history of this town only to knock down a book i tried to put it back put i couldn't find its place so i was forced to check it out. Some thing called the alchemists Equathedral to me it sounds stupid like equal and cathedral combined. I looked at it for awhile only to see spells and recipes and the symbol the symbols meant good and bad its true name is recorded in the documents of only the equa-Equathedral the cultists in front of me dont have alchemists they have necromancers Equathedral. They hand cuff us and walk us into you guessed it the stolen walmart semi the cult walked us in there and sat in the carrier while others drove the truck we also saw the walmart worker and the body of wenton. We got to a point were they stopped and pulled us out they took the us including walmart worker and wenton to a cliff a rather high cliff, a cliff of the name will road after a myth of darwin and willam. a single misstep and your a corpse in the water a mile Down there were stakes in the ground and dead bodies of a bunch of people. They tied wenton to it. We saw the missing body of albert. They started chanting and the head preist read from the book aku noko lugit furtl hughanical nul Asigog borolop nghana. He kept repeating it until the bodies shook violently after awhile the bodies stopped and everything was silent. The bodies looked to us and untied themselves from the stakes well alive i looked to Cathy who pulled her robe down to reveal a cut on her neck they the cultists were never alive! They put on blue robes and the 3 preist walked to us with a slow chant they quickly shot the walmart worker dead. He explained to summon their god the failure and death of two sworn protecters was imminent. The chanting began again the left and right persons held daggers to us as the main man read verses from the Equathedral a single he stopped and pointed at Collins who was stabbed fatally. The sky and ocean began to turn an evil red as black clouds crawled in. The preist kept chanting and pointed to me a dagger raised above my head as i gave into my fate. The preist was about to kill me before a loud stop! Was heard across the entire town the entire cult looked toward the low clouds as a hideous monster floated slow from the sky it looked of a fleshy seed pod beaks,spikes, and eyes around the giant mass it had tentacles below it that wasn't physically stable it was a purple gelatin things. It spoke with a 1000 voices of both men and women. The head preist chanted and bowed before it as the tentacle pushed through him and connected to the ground all the cultists touched it only for the head to scream in pain and get sucked in all of the cultists were torn broken and dissolved into the thing that called itself nul Asigog. It spoke of how through quadrillions of years he had cults on this world and every one failed it so it had no use of the world i watched as the appendage that killed the cult grew closer and closer to me in my dying moment i felt my grasp on sanity slowy break not like it would matter as soon as i felt anything i was 5 seconds away from death.

Story is told by mr. gardwell


Yeah it was really good.


It was good, really good. But I think you should double check the words first---misspellings and capitalizations-----before touching the post button. But then again, good!

mr. gardwell

Did you get all the references? There are quite a few in there.