People tell stories of dogman or werewolves but have you ever thought about the creature we call "Man's best friend" Before you get mad dogs are ancestors are wolves and foxes, etc. And dog man is a cryptid from the east coast mainly werewolves are feared every where cause you get bit by a wolf/ werewolf to turn in to on. Now with wolves becoming exotic pets that means you could have a higher chance to see a werewolf or dog man. Cause they are among us they smell the fear in us they smell our blood. They are the real murderers. They are the real thing you should fear There are wolves among us. "Wait you say wolves killed lets, how many again oh yeah that is right fifteen wolves, twelve children, one hundred men, and five women.... Dang that is one big wolf now aint it oh wait you did it you know you are guilty lock him up goodbye mister wolfbain"

Story is told by lonewolf


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