One normal day in New York was like any other. Alot of cars,alot of buildings,giant monster coming out of the water.......wait. GAINT MONSTER COMING OUT OF THE WATER!?!?!!?! Quickly I grabbed all my belongings and drove to a safety shelter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hours Later. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was watching TV to see what was happening and turns out a giant spider like creature the military were experimenting on had broke out. The military couldn't stop it. It was heading in the direction of the monster now called mobzilla. So I was researching on my phone and turns out he's a legend that helps humans but accidentally does damage. I started to watch TV but the power went out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hours Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phone report #567[ Power just came back on mobzilla has fallen] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was crying because mobzilla was dead but at least he saved us and killed the spider creature. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was at mobzilla's death spot crying until somebody yelled "HE'S OPENING HIS EYES!" All of a sudden everybody started yelling with cheer as mobzilla walked back into the sea. Then something unexpected happened. He smirked then everyone on the planet except me died. So ofcourse I did the only thing your supposed to do and shop myself in the throat. It was a slow painful death but I finally died.

Story is told by KILLERKD

Jaded Faddist

Thank you Mobzilla, for wiping out mankind \(°o°)/


Lol thx


We're already dead ever since before. Mobzilla just came to reap all of our souls to bring to the afterlife. Btw, Good plot?


Woah! This was good and scary!