This morning I woke up and took my phone like a typical teen-ager. But as I opened it I saw a new app named Come Home. Strange. I didn't download it. But decided to give it a try. When I opened it the whole screen became dark. I wanted to close it but I couldn't. I tried to turn off my phone but it wouldn't turn off no matter how much I tried. Then all of a sudden I realized that I can't move. The only thing I could do was stare at my phone. So many hours are passing by. I don't know what time it is but it started to become dark again. I'm still in the same position. My eyes started to feel dry. I can't do this anymore. I want to close them but it won't. After a while some words appeared. Come Home? As I said this I could move again. I was so happy! I'm finally free. As I was about to go out I noticed a bright light in my room. Then I saw it. On the floor with neon lights were written Come Home. And everything else was dark. It started to feel like I am being absorbed by something. It hurt a little before but now I feel peace. I'm finally home. It's dark and quite such a lovely place. ##username##, you should Come Home and join me too!

Story is told by Inti


Silent killer 666, thanks.

Silent killer 666



I didn't mean to offend anyone. So please don't be offended.


804King, special thanks to you for letting me know the truth.


Everyone thank you so much for reading this.


Trash ??


I can't come, social distancing and Covid-19 on the rails.




Is this new or did I just time travel to 2099?




Shayashta Stallone, me too.

Shayashta Stallone

I kinda accept ghost and dark apps to appear on my phone and it never does..


Thank you so much y'all!

Queen Quacker

Beautifully terrifying. ★★★★

Jaded Faddist

Now, I'm hoping for my phone's screen to become all dark as well.


Ok that would be fine