*Dedicated to mr. gardwell, a fellow cosmic horror fanatic; And Inti, everybody's best friend. That------thing in the sky! I want to make my self believe that this was just some kind of a dream, a worst nightmare perhaps. But it isn't. I don't want to believe this is real; but the worst always happens, it is indeed real. What kind of a madman could perceive this-----I couldn't really----I couldn't explain this. It's absurd! It's maddening and perverse! The past years that I used to be a professor, meddling in the depths of the various and complex fields of science, I used to believe that man can understand the universe that he belonged. That he can explain in various and creative ways, the laws of nature, the arithmetic of the build of the vast universe itself. But how? How can I explain the unexplainable? How can I explain that--------'thing' up in the sky? That massive cloud of an unknown kind  of mass, ever shifting in diverse colours, shrouding the earth in total darkness!? No, I'm wrong----it wasn't a cloud. It wasn't solid nor liquid nor gas----the hell, why can't I explain! How? How could it all crumble? Everything around me, the earth itself; the rocks, the buildings, the trees, all of them are crumbling but not falling down----they're all going up with the accompaniment of red lightnings and ear shattering thunders. They all went up towards the massive, great and/or terrifying black breach like a black hole in the sky. But this one is a biological being of an unknown kind that doesn't belong of the known universe that man could perceive. It is alive! I could see its apparent plethora of teeth; dark, jagged and great as the mountain peaks, filling the interior of the black massive rift like a mountain range. I could see protruding from that rift was a tremendous proboscis like dark matter enveloped with black thunder clouds, twisting like a vile tornado as it pierced the surface as if it sucks the life off the earth. Panic, paranoia, pandemonium! I could explain the fear inside of me writhing inside my head; and the fear etched into the faces of the people I saw; but I couldn't explain that------thing in the sky! The ground is breaking. I could see the darkness below along with the glow of molten rocks--------but we did not fall. We are ascending----yes, we are and with an unknown force into the dark cosmic being above the sky! God, tell me. Is this your judgment!? Is this the consequence of our wickedness, our sins!? Tell me! Tell me!-----Oh, my poor mind! My poor mind!

Story is told by RandomWriter

mr. gardwell

Thanks i actually had something similar to this strory that im playing with. Great story also.


No, Inti. You're never too late to thank me, you already know that.


Oh I forgot. But I hope it isn't too late to thank you.


Yeah, KILLERKD. And I'm glad I did that.


Thank you for dedicating it to my best freinds?


This feels like the end of all creation. It's so scary.