Hiya, I'm pretty sure I once had a demon BOYFRIEND. Anyway, I'm going to tell you the whole story. So we met at a huge haunted house, and basically our conversion ment like this: Him: *bumps into me in the crowd* Me:'seceuce me Him:yup lemme get through Anyhow, he just walked off, intell a few hours later... Him:Hi again Me:Hiya!! Him:excuse me, did you just say "hiya" Me:umm... yeah, is that stupid Him:nah, I think it an acaully pretty cute thing that you said. ...so, imma NOT get inta the whole conversion its kinda personal it states names Anywhoo, We started dating. And as that started to presead weird things started to happen to me like his eyes would glow red. And one time he was at my place and I swear I thought he had a figure with horns and wings. (Hey, you think this is funny entertainment. I gotta message for you, I feel like imma guinea pig, FO YO STORIES!!!) What evs!! Byiya...

Story is told by U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)


I made up this story becuz I had a macho kg header image but now the damn thing won't show up