- if you did not read shes not my mom part 1 go read it first- ( 5 years later) a family was moving in to a house and it was a mess. They had to clean the house but while the youngest daughter was walking to one room she notice that the mattress was broken. As she called her parents she heard a voice comeing from the mattress. She walk to it and before she put her hand into it the dad pulled her arm away and hurryed down the stairs. The daughter kept asking what was wrong and he said if you did that you could of got killed. The dad called the cops when he heard his wife scream. He got to the top to see her getting dragged into the mattress. Months past he is still crying from the death of his wife. One day he was getting ready for bed when he opened his door and saw the wife in the mattress just hanging out. A note was on her hand a the dad looked at it. It said " why did you not help, now I must send revenge." He heard someone walking up the stairs and he saw a little girl. The daughter ran up next to her with blood all over her. " Hello daddy! Like my new friend" she said. Cops had pulled in to find the dead daughter and dad

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