Materials required 1) red candle 1st light your candle if you use one after that get comfortable and relax then say : vampire of night, please let me join the undead, and let me have fangs and red eyes when in contact with blood. if I dont have a charm in the sunlight I shall burn but not die I shall be able to. .....( you say the power you want ) and this is my mote it be You need to say this 10 times at night and if it doesn't work this spell is not for you Sign : you will have red eyes , , youwill be able to fly , you will have long pointed teeth and you will will feel much hotter when you are in the sunlight you will be able to transform into a bat your vein will turn purple in tje night If moon light will fall on you I will be much more stronger

Story is told by Carol villmora

U.S marshall Mary Shannon (btw I am OBSESSED with the shows on start tv)

Wait, can a power be tellopathic!!??!!??