I was a teacher at a high school and there was alot of kids in my class that were scared when I came in. They would never talk at recess they would just stare at me. When I ask them what's worng all they say is someone is there. I dunno why they do this but let me tell you why. I hear them whisper about a guy and they would never tell me what or who he is. But one day a new girl came to the school and she was even scared I asked her if she was alright and she said that a man is living in the closet and when I get here he just goes behind the black board. I did not understand but I told her I would check. When I was walking out the door a shiver went down my spine. I remember that when the girl said he hides behind the black board I rembered that there is no space between it. It is just sticked to the wall. 5 likes= part 2

Story is told by xXzlittledevilXx