One day I saw lights on at the graveyards. I went to see what it was comeing from and I saw a old woman standing on a grave. I was really scared and I backed away really slow. The next day I was with my friends and said they wanted to take me somewhere. We were walking into the graveyard I saw yesterday. As I asked why we were here I saw a small shop. My friends said that there was a food that you eat and it gives you good luck. I walk to the shop and I was in the back. My friends got a call that they had to go. I told them I would get the makeup for them and then they walked away. I notice that 2 other people were in front of me. As they walked away the shop was closing. I was sad that I did not get the makeup but that changed. Before I walked away the same old lady from yesterday said " I knew you were behind me" I started running back home. The next day when I was about to walk out the door the news came on and said that 2 people had died from something that they had got. As I looked at the faces I froze. It was the 2 people in front of me. So I could of died but then something else scary, the woman that gave us the makeup was already dead.

Story is told by xXzlittledevilXx