*BREAKING NEWS* The mansion of two billionaries have been burnt down along with their loving son inside. Their sons body was not found so they assumed that it was burnt to ashes. Seo-hyun heard the news. He was shocked and extremely sad due to his best friend's death. He acted that way around both his grandparents and his friends. Seo-hyun didn't goto school for the past two weeks until he hears the news that there was a new student at school. His name was kim Jae-hoo. Seo-hyun noticed that Jae-hoo looked a bit familiar. He didn't mind the fact that jae-hoo was handsome and smart and all. But for some reason Seo-hyun couldn't shake the feeling that Jae-hoo looked and had almost the same personality as someone he knew. After school was over Seo-hyun and his little group of friends went to the arcade and had some fun. Everyone went back home after the sun started to set. Seo-hyun also started to head home but for some reason he felt like he was being stalked. He turned around. Nothing.... nothing was in sight. Seo-hyun continued to go home and not long after he felt someone grab his wrist and cover his mouth with a piece of clothing.... Tbc That is all hope you enjoyed sorry for making you people wait, I was kinda busy. sorry it's really short

Story is told by bloody skullz


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