(This story is true) Once I was going out with my family suddenly our car got stuck in a hole and then while my parents while they were trying to remove the car from the hole I suddenly saw I shadow to see what that was I got down of the car and then I entered the wood after a long walk I suddenly saw a creature that had worn a gown with hoody on his head suddenly he turned towards me as I looked at me he had a no eyes and his lips were burned I was very scared and I ran backwards after I running a far I dashed to a tree I saw this word written on the tree crim ra noi monr koza maka noka first I did not understand this word as turned behind that creature teleported towards me I was more scared then a heard a sound that called me name carol it was my parents as that creature heard the sound he disappeared after that I had a anty who knew about ghost and creature's I told her about this story and the words she told me these are the Greek words of jinn it meant it the place of jinn if you come here they will Suffer then after that I started to get night mares and then I went again to my anty she gave my powder to put it secretly around my house and then after that I never saw him again

Story is told by Carol villmora

Carol villmora

Hope u like this story