It was the miasmic smell of the decaying flesh that stung his nose. He felt his consciousness returning. Then the coldness of the damp floor to his cheeks was enough to make his eyes flutter open. At first, the hazy view didn't allow much to be seen, then his vision slowly started becoming better. He analyzed the surroundings, realizing that he was in his school bathroom. He didn't bother thinking why he was in the bathroom. he used his weak hands as support to stand up, but his body felt weak. He felt his body crash down but something made him not give up. he slowly stood up, his head was groggy. He touched his face with his cold palms. there was blood caked at one corner of his lips. his lips had been cut at that corner, his cheeks were swollen and the worst was his shoulder that he knew he had dislocated it. Overall his body was alright to walk. He needed a puff to stay awake. he searched his pockets to find his vape, but that too was missing. maybe the guys who beat him up might have taken it. But who would beat him up? he was new to the school.....which school? hadn't he completed his graduation 3 months ago? things weren't adding up especially because of that disgusting smell. he slowly traversed to the origin of the smell. it was the janitor's closet, it said on the door. he slowly opened it and what he saw made him retch whatever he had for his lunch and breakfast. Flies had infested on the face of the janitor or what remained of the janitor's face. his face was dug out. his skull was nearly visible. grey matter slowly oozed from the left side of the head. it had to be the brain. and no one could miss the long broomstick sticking out of the gaping mouth of the janitor. he was still in his janitor overalls. but it was covered in blood. there were multiple stab wounds on his chest. his legs were chopped off clean and the remains of the femur were also visible. this made Charles heave again. then there was the loud report of a gunshot. this made Charles jump right of his feet. he slowly trodded towards the door and opened it. He looked towards his left and saw a row of blue lockers. the hall was tidied up. then another loud shot was there. he flinched. there was an ensign on the hall floor read the name of the school, Bluebirds Murder academy. did he read it right or was he still delusional? He rubbed his eyes. and opened it again. But this time he was not in the school hallway. he was in a room. his living room in the house where he lived when he was 15 years old. the smell of roasted turkey hung in the air. there was a lot of commotion. he looked around and saw no one. he looked forward again and saw the dining table. Spread like a Thanksgiving dinner, the body of his step-brother lie, there was a huge gash across his chest. he looked down and saw a huge knife in his hand, the knife was bloody so was his hand, he felt like screaming. but nothing came out of his mouth. his eyes were tearing up and he wiped it out. he opened his eyes once again. and this time he saw the school hallway and running across it was a girl. she wore what looked like a cheerleaders dress. she had auburn hair and 2 ponytails. she was panting. there was another gunshot and this time the bullet struck right in the back of her head and out of her throat. blood spurted out like a fountain and she fell. sliding down the polished floor. she was followed by a blood trail. Charles was fixed at his spot. A man walked to the still-breathing body of the girl. he wore a leather jacket with his collar up, a black hat with a white tight mask and round strapped goggles. the man stood 6 to 7 feet tall and had a chain saw in one hand and a Glock 34 in the other. he took the girl with her hair in his gloved arm and started the chainsaw. Charles felt like screaming and yet again no voice came out. the man looked at him, and Charles could feel his evil vile smile. the man drove the chainsaw through the head of the girl, but before Charles could see the result his knees gave up and he fell on the floor. the last he heard was the same gunshot. *********** he was pretty sure he wasn't dreaming cuz the next he knew he was standing in a cemetery. in front of him were 4 gravestones. but something was no right, the gravestones had the name of the of his last foster family, the Goodwins. the surrounding was foggy, there was an unearthly chill. Charles felt that his feet were strapped to the ground. He screamed for help, but no one would hear him cuz he did not where he was. he strained his eyes to familiarize himself with the surroundings. form the dense fog came a stooping figure. the same man who killed the girl and maybe the janitor as well. "Who are you?" Charles shouted. there was no reply. the man slowly walked towards the gravestones, he had a knife in his hand, the same knife Charles had in his hand in his dream. this one had dried blood. Charles repeated his question. but this time he removed the bottom of his white mask. it revealed a bearded chin and a yellow set of teeth. he was smirking as well. and there was something about the smirk that Charles recognized but his brain was so fuzzy about the things in the past few hours that nothing was linking in his mind. the man spoke with a deep yet heavy voice. "I am you, Charles. your past, present, and future. You killed the know what you did with Mr goodwin right? You shot him in the head with the same gun I used t kill an innocent girl. Blew his brains off. and what about Mrs goodwin, even when she took care of you like a mother would, except u never deserved one. u burned her to death in her kitchen with olive oil. you couldn't find a good oil. pity you. and you killed your stepbrother with a knife. you don't have a serial killer gene, do you? you not only killed the Goodwins, but you also killed all your previous foster families. why did you kill them, because you did not like them or your parents abandoned you? look around you, see the people you killed. remorse Charles. lament for them" Charles had those guilty tears rolling down his eyes, he wanted to run away, he looked around and only saw more gravestone with more names he did not familiarize with. He tried to clench his fist, but there was something in his hand, the gun. he wanted to end this nightmare. he pointed his gun at the man."Shoot me, Charles, you're a murderer, a cold-blooded murderer." the man said with that same ****ing smirk. Charles hated it. His sweaty hands were losing the grip of the gun. His hands were trembling, "You will d-die" Charles stammered, but the man did not say anything, he just turned around. Charles saw a red cross mark on the base of the white mask, near the neck. Charles took the aim and shot the single 9mm bullet, the report was loud enough to make Charles's ears ring and he flinched. there was a squishing sound, a sound similar to how the same 9mm penetrated the head of Albert Goodwin. when he opened his eyes, there was a smirk in his face. the same smirk of the man he saw. that man was him. he was in the hallway again and this time he saw a girl sprawled on the floor, there was a gunshot wound on the back of her head, he turned to his right and saw a boy standing near the entrance of the bathroom door. His face was pale with fear "I might have missed him" he thought to himself. Charles slowly walked towards the girl and started the chainsaw. he raised it and saw the boy crumple down with dizziness, again that smirk in his face but no one could see him with the mask on. he turned his attention to the girl and was about to bring it down when there was a gunshot, he nearly flinched, but the chainsaw dropped from his hand. the pain slowly grew in the back of his chest, then it was followed with multiple shots, each pain caused a stinging pain in his back. he was dumb mot to wear the bulletproof vest. his knees gave away and fell on the ground on his knees. he screamed in pain as another bullet silenced his agony by striking right in the center of his head, he fell facedown. the massacre was over. he accomplished his mission *********** "The deadliest massacre in the town of Centerville, 40 students of Bluebird prep Academy slaughtered in total with 10 teachers along with the dean and the other faculty, thus the total death count is 57. The preparator was shot down by the sheriff of the town, Fred Collen. The governer has arrived to convey his condolences to the victim's families. Thank you for tuning into Radio 1. I am Sarah Wilkins signing off".

Story is told by Nikhil