"Do you think he's waking up? He is twitching around," Bryan hears an angelic voice whispering. He slowly opens his eyes, squinting them immediately to adjust to the lightning. It was bright, painfully bright. The whispering voices gets louder, but none of the words reached him. "Oh my, he is waking up," Bryan cleared his throat multiple times, before his hoarse voice finally makes out a word, "Water." It was only a few seconds before a glass was quickly placed against his lips. The warm liquid finally made him realize how cold the room is. After feeling satisfied, Bryan quickly tries to remember who everyone was. They all looked familiar, yet he can't make out their names nor their relation with him. Starting from the little girl with a little rabbit on her arms, they were all lined up with numbers on top of their head, no matter odd or even, the numbers grew bigger. "Remember, Bryan." The little girl mutters shyly, repeating the word again and again, each time her voice much more confident. At one point, she stopped, the little rabbit she was holding ripped into two, cottons coming out of it. Her eyes glare into Bryan's, and a vision of him strangling the girl filled his mind. She was his daughter that he had killed back in 2004. He realised what the numbers on their heads meant now. His body shook, trying to get off of the bed he was in. He can't, he is tied up. The girl started to move her mouth, the word, "Remember," never stopping. This time, everyone followed. The line broke when a guy started to walk to him, his eyes turning black and his face pale white. With a blink everyone is around Bryan's bed, their faces demonic, the chants didn't stop. It was as if it's going on forever. Bryan knows who they are, he remembers. They just don't know he does. They just don't know that no matter how much hatred they had for him, they will never be who they wanted to be. Bryan will always be the one haunting them, and they won't escape him. A loud cackle filled the room, even louder than all their voice combined. They are the ones who had to remember.

Story is told by Hxni2344


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It needs a little work in a few parts but besides that it's a good scary story