"Soo..Friend,you want this part 2 right? Okay♡ anyway,take care guys..the corona is..yeah..I hope ya'll are healthy and here's the story." Once I move to the room beside my sister,I could see..its was small and the bed is a little large.The wall was all white and then I move all my things there.At night,I was brushing teeth before sleep and then the lamp was went off.My sister ask me, "Are you alright!? The Electric went off!" She yelled so I can hear it.I said "Yes sis! Don't worry!" And then I open my phone light and started to use the water.I move the light to the mirror and saw a girl with a blood on her cloths.Again,the girl has a long hair..I was freak out and call my sister name.My sister came and ask "Why?" I said "There's a girl in the mirror!" Then she was trying to make me feel better.After a few minutes,the electric was okay again..I try to sleep that night on the bedroom..While I was sleeping,I woke up in midnight and hear a sound like someone licking something.I saw that girl.She was licking blood.I pretend to sleep but I couldn't.After a few minutes,I was already sleep.In the morning,I saw a bite on my legs and its bleed.I call my sister for help and then she ask "Oh god..what happened to your leg!?" I said "I don't know! I hear a licking sound last night and a girl who was licking blood.I was freaking scare then I try to sleep.I think its happen last night." My sister was afraid that I might get hurt again so she ask me to move to her room.After that,I never get all the scary thing anymore.But everytime I pass by the door of the room beside where I was staying before,I can hear a screaming,licking and a sound like someone talk.We move to my father and mother house because we can't stay there in any longer it cause of I may get hurt again.We never going to the house again.Even after that.The house is still haunted.The screaming voice is still there.We stay there for a few days and was trying to find a new house for us.Beside,we can take care of our parents and ourselves. -The end-

Story is told by French~♡


This is a really scary story now i aint getting any sleep good work any how Sincerely, lonewolf ?


Saranghae friend~♡