"Where is z..." Psycho tried to say "Dad you mean" Flame interrupted "he will never be called that ever by mean and why now for a few years and now you come out of hiding" Psycho said backing up "i did it to keep you safe but you wouldn't understand little brother" Flame said fists clenched "you left me you turned me into this you made me into a monster" Psycho said punching flame "that is for punching me" psycho said the punching again "this is for leaving me" Psycho said then Flame claws at Psycho's arm "i do want to hurt you but guess i already did so come on lets see what you got little wolf" Flame said punching Psycho in the face over and over again" dont call me that" Psycho said kicking Flame in the chest" *cough* oh why not you use to be fine with it and nice kick but you are going to pay for this" Flame says breaking Psycho's ribs and fingers "*spiting blood out of mouth" you will not win no matter how hard you tried plus thought you said you are going to kill me what happened to that" Psycho says throwing Flame threw restaurant window "FREEZE!!!" Rest of the living police say to Flame and Psycho Psycho grabs a piece of glass cutting his hand open in the process stabs Flame "You lose Brother" Flame says burning the restaurant and the police in side stabbing Psycho in the eye than throwing him out side "you win but you haven't killed yet so see you later" Psycho says healing him self the two brothers run in different directions while the police open fire on both of them they miss though

Story is told by lonewolf




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It is finally here the may event every one has been waiting for it is Psycho Assassin vs Flame Any way i am back with the best thing i could think of leave me know if i should do two stories one Flame thoughts on this fight and the other Psycho Assassin thoughts on this fight