Once upon a time, there were three sisters. Let's call them.. Lola, Alice, and Tiana. The girls had been doing very well in school, so their mother took them out to get a new toy. All three of the girls bought dolls, all of the same brand. When they got home, they read the instructions on the back of the box. They had to unzip the back of the doll, take out the little heart locket, and put a strand of their own hair in. As soon as they were done, they had to go to bed. In the morning, the girls woke up to see that the dolls looked exactly like they did. Being little girls, they didn't think much of it. The mom, however, had suspicions. Lola loved her doll a lot, and was proud of it, so she decided to bring it to school with her. At school, she showed everyone of the girls her doll. They all loved the doll, except for one. One of the girls was jealous. So, when she got the chance, she took the doll from Lola's backpack, grabbed the sharpest scissors she could find, and cut the stomach open. Then she went outside and threw it in a puddle. Later that day, the mother came to go collect her children. As always, Alice and Tiana raced out to their mother. However, Lola did not come running out before the others like she usually did. The mother decided to go check it out. She stepped into the school. What she saw struck horror into her heart. Lola was lying in the floor with a deep gash down her stomach. Even weirder, she appeared to be wet. The mother mourned over her child's death for a long while. Later that week, Alice and Tiana were fighting. Tiana was angry that Alice had gone in her room without her permission. They fought for a while until Tiana couldn't take it anymore. She picked up Alice's doll and ripped off it's head. Alice stared in shock at what Tiana had just done and began to cry miserably. Suddenly realizing what she had done, Tiana hugged Alice and apologized over and over again. Eventually, they made up for it, and went to bed. In the morning, Alice wasn't coming down for breakfast. The mother, getting worried, went up to check on her. She opened the door and fell to her knees and cried miserably as she saw her little Alice. Beheaded. After the death of her second daughter, the mother became anxious, and depressed. She slept in her child's room every night. After a long while of thinking, the mother began to believe that the dolls were responsible for this. So, while Tiana was sleeping, she tossed the doll in the trash and locked it airtight. Then she went back to bed. In the morning, as usual, the first thing she did was look at Tiana. She appeared fine, as she was on her side, facing away from her mother. The mom got up and looked closer, just in case. And she saw her daughter with a blue face, looking as if she had suffocated. She was dead. There was no way to describe the severe sadness that she felt at that moment. From then on, the mother didn't talk to anybody. She never left her house. Nobody knows what she spent her time on in there. What everybody DOES know, is that after several months, she killed herself. She hanged herself in the hall. Many, many, years later, a detective went to investigate the old abandoned factory that used to make those dolls. It was all broken down, and there was nothing but rubble. The detective continued to search the place until he saw something. He continued to walk towards it. It was a doll. It's neck was tied with a rope and hung from the ceiling. The weirdest part was that... The doll looked exactly like the mother of the three children who died of unknown causes. If you want a part 2, I can make one. I hope you enjoyed this :D

Story is told by Queen Quacker

Queen Quacker

Thank you. I didn't realize how popular this story got! I told it to my friends many times, but this is the first time I've put it on (Digital) paper.


Congrats 1000 views

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Thanks so much, all of you. I only checked on this story today, and I'm pretty sure it's my most popular one. ♥♥♥♥


This was a great story for my friends we were all outside in the dark like 7pm? And each reading and telling scary stories everyone was scared of that story and hoping for part 2 excitley!


Wow part 2 please that was way better than mine Btw if you want to see mine it is called urre-onna based on a true urban legend

Chris Neer

Good stuff! Jesz the teachers at Lola's school need fired though. Seems like at least a janitor or something should have noticed a gutted kid laying around.

Carol villmora

By the way my name is also alice


Part 2 please!! I'm really curious and can't wait to read it!!

Queen Quacker

Workin on it :)

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Yes!! Part two please!!!