There's a man in my closet. I hear him at night. He appears in my dreams and gives me a fright. There's a man in my closet. Oh, how I hate him. He raps on the door and says "Let me in." There's a man in my closet. He watches me sleep. He giggles like a maniac, what a creep. The man is not in my closet. Where could he be? He still has his habit of haunting my dreams. The man's out my window. He knocked on it today. He chuckled at me and said "Come and play." The man is in my closet. He came right on through. He leaned over me and said "I'm coming for you." The man is under my bed. I cannot sleep at night. Still he repeats over and over, "Goodnight." The man is behind me. He stabs me in the chest. He grinned and he said it was time to rest.

Story is told by Queen Quacker


Oh gods this is awesome sweetie‚ú®?

Queen Quacker

Thank you for the support :)

Indigo Flower

This is awesome!!? Keep it up please!!


Roses are red. The sky is blue. Reading this creepy poem. I've got chills.