I was always bullied in my school, they call me weird because of how I dress. 'Weird Thaila' they always yell whenever pass by even our neighbors think I'm weird. By the way I'm Thaila I'm 15 years old. One day a group of boys surrounded me in an alley. I can to an alley because of a cat that I was chasing. "Look it's weird Thaila! Ugly Thaila!" One boy yelled at me then threw some pebbles at me until all group was throwing pebbles. It quite hurts. I was just sitting there taking what they threw. Sometimes I want to die. "Hey! You four! Let her be!" A boy suddenly took action and yelled at them. "Shit let's run!" The four boys suddenly run away. The boy suddenly kneeled down and lend me a hand. "Are you alright?" He asked with a gentle voice. I just nodded. ---- Days pass by the boy who helped me became my friend, he was also in the same class as mine. His name was Leo and he was very kind to me, he always stood up for me. Sometimes I feel guilty. One day Shaina called me out in the back of the school once I got there they beat me up. 'Ugly! Curse! Psycho!' they all yelled. I couldn't fight back until leo came. I slowly opened my eyes to see leo. My eyes literally went wide when I saw what's in front of me. Leo holding an axe and Shauna's body was cut in half. I feel like throwing up after I saw that. Her friends were also cut off. I thought leo would kill me also but he just smiled as if nothing happened. ----- I can't take it! I tried to stop him. Leo keep on killing everyone who bullies me even a teacher! "Leo please don't kill anyone anymore! Im begging you!" I pleaded. He just smiled then patted my head. "Oh dear Thaila, I wasn't the one who killed them, it's YOU who killed them." He suddenly said. "Wha—no! I did not! It was you! I saw how you slaughter them! I—" "See? It was you who killed them." From Shaina and sir tam— it... It was me. I was the killer. There was no leo, he never existed. I just made him up! Leo was the half of me. The half that wants to kill all the people who mistreated me. I killed them.

Story is told by Kat vargas

Scary girl??

I loved it!