Before you read this, read part 1 and 2. The sky was still dark as were the streets. I continued running until i got to the old house. I just stood there in front of it while these whispers of thoughts crossed my mind. "Its so much creepier at night" "maybe i should not go inside" " this is not a good idea". I pushed the thoughts away once i thought of all that money. I suddenly became determined. I started bravely walking toward the door. The wind was howling for me to stay away, dead leaves under my feet were crunching and. The house was standing over me watching me. I didnt care. "I am getting that money!" I thought i walked right up to the door and twisted the doorknob and proceeded into the dark house. Again the smell made my nose want to fall off. It was terrible. This time the house seemed colder and darker, i knew i was utterly alone. Until i heard something. It came from behind the door it was almost like a faint knock from the other side. It wasnt loud at all. But loud enough to take notice of. I walked toward the door. I grabbed onto the teeny tiny door knob and pulled it open....... To be continued

Story is told by Lily