Right down the street from my house, was an abandoned house, nobody lived there for YEARS. I passed the house nearly everyday on my way to school. As a 14 year old i thought it was just creepy. The windows were cracked, the wood was breaking down, the grass in the yard, overgrown with weeds. Me and 3 friends talked about the house quite a bit. We made jokes about it, theory's, dares all of the above. One day my friends had a terrible idea to go inside the house and explore it. I thought it was stupid but i was just far to curious to resist. We made a promise we would only go inside one time and only for a few minutes. After school we all walked into our neighborhood and slowly approached the house. We walked up the creaky stair steps. All of our hearts pounding. One of us twisted the doorknob and tried to open the door. No surprise, the door was locked. The smallest of the group decided to hop into the window and unlock it from the inside. It worked and we were in. The smell was unbelievable. It strongly smelled of poop and and just old and moldy. We plugged our noses and looked around. Mouse poop was everywhere. Moldy food lay on the counters and clothes were everywhere. We quickly realized that homeless people were living here prior to us coming in. We literally went in every room of the house. Each one looked about the same. We walked back into the living room when we found something very very strange....... To be continued

Story is told by Lily