"Hey guys..so this is a story about yeah..wutever but just yo tell ya'll.. Ghost really active on 3 a.m. its so woah..Im really scared to sleep." Last night,I was playing with my phone..its was midnight and I was very tired and scared lol.I wear a pink pajamas also..I lived on a big house.I was sleeping on my bed alone that night,pretty sure I was alone.I switch off the light before sleep and hear a weird sound came from my window.The weird sound is like a knock and its open by itself.I came to close it back.Then,a long hair was coming from the rooftop. Its was a very long hair.The hair colour is black.I was scared and switch the light on back.When I look back,its gone.Nothing was there.I started to freak out and screaming when I see a long hair girl with a scary face above me.Her blood was dripping on my face.After that,I called my big sister to came and crying.After a few seconds,my sister came with a worried on her face.She asked me "whats wrong?" I said "there's something there".She asked me to sleep with her in her room.I nodded and sleep at her room.At the morning,I pack my things and move to the room beside my sister room."

Story is told by French~♡


Ok now i deffently know i aint getting to sleep sooo yeah good story

Indigo Flower

This is really good!! Part two please!!


Sorry for the long story guys..makw sure to comment!♡ Saranghae~♡