"Kay guys..so..thanks to lonewolf,indigo flower,and all people here who has reading my story.Im so happy and hope you like it." Jin hye:Why Kyo soo..? Jin hyo:Jin hye,you shouldn't ask her..ofc because her prince charming wasn't here.. Jin hye:Oh! I forgot about it! Kyo soo:Shut up! You guys just a rubbish to me! ##Username##:Yeah..so damn anoyying..! Mrs.Jung:Oh Kyo soo! Its so hurt..Hahahahahh! Jin hye:Hahahahah! Jin hyo:Its so funny..mom...hahaha! Mrs.Jung:Go to die Kyo soo.. A weird teleport was come from nowhere taking Kyo soo and ##Username##. *At home* Han kyung:Okay Kyo soo! What are you doing there!? Its dangerous you know!? Han suk:##Username##,You shouldn't go there! Are you crazy! Do you want to die!? You really-Ugh..Whatever..huh.. Kyo soo:We're just..- Han kyung:Just what!? Kyo soo:We're just want to visit the fairy.. Han kyung:Whatever go back to your room.Huh.. Han suk:Han kyung..I think we shouldn't do this..just talk to them.. Han kyung:Im not doing it Brother..but this is-forget about it.Im gonna talk to her. Han suk:Good for you. *At the room* Han kyung:Listen..Kyo soo..im sorry.. Kyo soo:*Cry*Han kyung!Im scared..I don't want to go back there anymore.. Han kyung:Its okay..don't worry..I have put the fairy in another dimension. Kyo soo:*Wipe tears*Really!? Thank you! Han kyung:Your welcome..now rest.I need to do some work. Kyo soo:Wait..didn't your dad takes the company? Han kyung:He didn't know I have my own dimension. Kyo soo:Wait..what do you mean? Han kyung:if you have a dimension as a princess,then you know. Kyo soo:Omg! I forgot about my dimension! I hope they didn't dead yet..aww man.. Han kyung:Do you think you rule it alone?-_- Kyo soo:Wait..so the one that makes those work is you!?○_○ Han kyung:yeah.-_- Kyo soo:Wow..that's why my work all,done.☆♡☆ Han kyung:Im tired making those work.Tomorrow,you're next. Kyo soo:Fine..but what about them? Han kyung:They have they're own dimension. Kyo soo:You didn't take my room did you? Han kyung:I've take it.You move to the room beside. Kyo soo:Aww man! That's my place! Han kyung:Im here tonight.. Kyo soo:You said like you gonna..- Han kyung:Yes. Okay guys to be continued well..i think this is short.Maybe it is long..well..is there a mistake?if yes,tell me.bruh..don't take those above seriously.its just a joke.Im afraid ya'll think it long so..just like that. Bye!Saranghae ##Username##~♡

Story is told by French~♡


Thanks friend..you're the best!♡


You are very welcome and plus this is the first story series thing (not sure what to call it) i have actually enjoyed reading so you must be doing something right so yeah keep doing what you are doing Sincerely, lonewolf ?