I have a bunk bed with my little sister. The window is more up on my side, with a medium sized sliver of it down in her bed. For a long time, I was able to sleep peacefully. Without a care in the world. Until it started. Hi, my name is Harper. I live in a small house with only a ground floor and a basement. It's a simple little place that inhabits me, my mom, my dad, and my little sister Cassie. I love my house and my family, but I'm not the most fond of my bedroom. Why? Well, because it scares me. Whenever I'm chilling in my bedroom, I feel uncomfortable. As if something or someone is watching me. The worst of all, is night. My little sister falls asleep very easily, but I end up staying awake for quite a while. There is a reason. The tapping on the window. Every single night since last year, I've had to listen to the sharp tapping on the window. When it started, it was mid-fall, and I thought it was just wind. In winter, I got slightly suspicious, but didn't think much of it. Then came spring. I was starting to get worried. Then came summer. By that point, I wanted to see what was making the tapping sound. So, that night, as soon as the tapping started, I looked out my window. The tapping had abruptly stopped, and I saw nothing outside. For a long time it worried me, but now it's the present. I've gotten used to the tapping on the window. But I still. Eed advice on how to stop this. ( This is a true story, but you believe what you want to believe. )

Story is told by Queen Quacker


All I can say is it's just creepy. I'd be like ok some person is at my window we need to move.

Queen Quacker

Thank you :)


I believe its true

Queen Quacker

Yes. Very creepy.