Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night for no reason at all? Have your eyes dart in the taunting darkness encasing your room — your defiant way of rebelling and letting them know you weren't a baby anymore: you didn't need to sleep with the lights on — and have your spine fill with dread at the lurking eyes your imaginative mind conjured in the darkness. Have you ever pulled the blanket all the way over your head and feel your heart rate increase, desperately wishing you could run into your parents room and stay there for the night but not willing to risk your pre-adult reputation and not really knowing if you're fast enough. Faster than those things. Faster than your shadow. The hours will drag on and you will feel like every minute is a lifetime. You will pray for the break of day, because you still remember the rules. As long as there is light, thy are harmless. You might feel a sudden rush of thirst envelope you but you won't be stupid enough to get out of your blanket, your safety. You will be acutely award of every little sound: the ringing in your ears, the taunting tick of the clock and what sounds like scratching coming from your closet. Ignore it, you'd tell yourself, it'll go away. But no matter how hard you squeeze your eyes shut and no matter how painfully you dig your nails into your palm, the noise does not stop. It seems to get louder with every tick of the clock. It slowly becomes routine. Tick. Scratch. Tick. Scratch. Tick. Creak. Your eyes fly open to what sounds like your closet door creaking open. At this point, you can feel yourself physically shake. You pause and try to breathe through your nose as your heartbeat borders erratic and the creak of your closet door has transformed into the creak of your floorboards. Something, someone is inching to you and at any moment you will be harmed. You grip the blanket tighter and focus with all your might on the ticking of the clock with hopes that it would calm you down. After a while, you drift off to sleep and when you awaken, the morning sunlight filters through your curtains and lands on your blanket. You know it is safe. You cautiously peak out of your hiding to find your room empty and as you left it — closet door shut tight. You hurry downstairs, vowing to sleep with your lights on from then on and you mix your self with the inter doings of the day, long forgetting the incidents of your room. Night time soon comes and you've forgotten all about the abject terror you felt the night before. You settle into your bed and turn off all the lights so you are once again enveloped in darkness. All would have been well if it wasn't a long day and slow night so it has all the time in the world. You wake up in the middle of the night for no reason. You hear scratching coming from under your bed.

Story is told by sixhundredsixtysix


I too have horrid nightmares. Should I write about one?


No joke i actually had a nightmare likes this