He eats he kills brutality. Everything was fine until he was created. He tortures this small town people don't know what he is. But he does resemble a devil. He is completely black he has sharp red nails and sharp human teeth and human eyes. No body should dare to fight him as he will smack you throw you over his head and back down and he'll do that over and over and over until your soft enough to eat Many deaths have occurred because of him but he doesn't just be in the streets grabbing people he mostly kills explorers like youtubers the explore But everytime he there's three people that are exploring he'll always let one person live and he gives them a tape he this devil will leave he does have mercy on some people but you better be lucky enough BACKSTORY It all began in 1934 when a old cartoon known as devil if mercy in the show the devil is nice to some people he kills his friends horrifically and brutally he looks human in the teeth and eyes he also eats the dead bodies by swinging them around until they are soft but it seems like he is not a cartoon more of a human being don't forget about him cause he only has one viewer to entertainm himself

Story is told by Jayden chicez

Scary girl??