Beverly chain was a beautiful woman but like all female's she thought she was ugly people didn't think she was ugly only her. Until 1995 when she won 1 million dollars. She used the money for a plastic surgery to cover the beautiful self away she was prettier than ever but she it wasn't enough for her she got another plastic surgery she got even more prettier and was the prettiest women in the country again it wasn't enough but she couldn't afford another surgery she got mad at herself for not being pretty she grabbed a small knife a idea popped in her head if she can't afford a surgery she can do a surgery the cut her face up she did it carefully she ripped her jaw and put it back together her jaw was long and scary it was separated from her face she made her eyes tiny she mad her large she did more until she can stretch herself out she was horrible she went out the streets with her long neck long arms long legs the police came and shoot her but it seemed to not hurt her she threw the officers to the wall if a house and vanished nobody saw her again until 2009 when a long figure was seen in a old mall but she left in fear of the gun that the person was holding another sighting was in 2018 when she went into a house and killed the parents of a kid the bodies were not found but the boy gave a image he took momments from disaster the house was broken and dirty the cops found nothing that was the last sighting she remains unsolved

Story is told by Jayden_chavez

Scary girl??

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