My town used to be quite pretty. I just wish it wasn't affected by all this mess. Everyone has truly gone madder than a hatter. It all began by the government falling to shambles. The president, or tyrant I should say, became to corrupt. The power got to his head. He changed all laws to only abide by him. People began to see the changes by watching people getting arrested for unknown rules. Hundreds of people who were considered guilty placed in to prison. It was all thanks to this guy who became to bad. The riots started in Wisconsin due to a police officer strangling someone with his own hands. Even though he hadn't done anything wrong. Then the people of the country became angry. It started out originally as peaceful protests. Simple graffiti on walls outside of well known businesses and signs in the palms of hands. Then it went on to something worse. It became pure chaos in a matter of days. People treating everything as though it were the Purge. Burning down small businesses. Eventually it did stop for a bit. Only because of the fear of the corrupted cops. There was still some good cops. They however were put out of position for some reason. They however helped to start a true revolution. Even some people from the military joined it. All of this slowly spread to all over our country. Then to my town. Although it was a crack town it was still my home. My family was slaughtered by corrupt people. Monsters wearing human skin as a costume. I can see them for what they are. Now everyone on the revolution must wear a mask to hide their identities. It's been decent so far. I will update later, I have to help some out. Good bye for now diary.

Story is told by VoodooJay