"Okay guys..this story is about a myth.Maybe its true,maybe not but I believe it.Anyway..I hope you enjoy!" 1. Don't eat while looking mirrow cause it will eat your beauty's. 2.Don't gift your friend a clock because the friendship will not longer. 3.Don't broke a mirror because it will cause you in a bad luck. 4.If you always thinking about your birthday,someone in your family will die that day. So..1,2,and 3 had happen to me but the number 4 is someone else.That is true..my friendship was broken when my friend gift our other friend the clock.I mean..hands clock.I have broke a mirror and it gives me a bad luck now.But I believed,its just for a short time.Number 1 too..I eat while looking at the mirror and my face became a bit ugly. I always look at the mirror everytime.But not so..and its..whatever.Don't do all on the list guys.Bye! Saranghae~♡

Story is told by French~♡


If you hate me,why are you reading my story? lol.This is a mitos.No need to make a joke of it.Ya'll so silly.


Don't look while eating mirrows because it will eat your beauty? Wtf lol

bloody skullz

I just broke my mirror yesterday but anything unlucky hasn't happened to me


Well..im strange too..im weird..I liked to talk to myself everyday.I also talk to the mirror.Sometimes..


I have a strange feeling to do some of these i dont know why but maybe because i am like a little kid you them no they do the opposite you tell me no i will wait till the night then do whatever i got told no for and plus breaking mirror are a strange fascination of mine because it is class or metal but when you break it the glass does not fall out untill it is moved then the glass will fall out yes i know i am strange but...every one is strange in different ways i guess Sincerely, lonewolf ? P.s. i already have bad luck so it wouldn't matter


At least not everyday and every week.


I been thinking about my birthday all day, now I'm scared lol