"Okay..im sorry if my my story isn't interesting as ya'll..but im really happy because I have a friend like ya'll.Also,thanks to those who has reading my story.I appreciate it." *After eat* Kyo soo:Umm..Han kyung-shi. Han kyung:Yeah?*drinks water* Kyo soo:Have you ever kiss a girl- Han kyung:*cough*Is this a question!? Han suk:*laughs*bruh,this world is a living hell. ##Username##:Kyo soo! Are you crazy!? But..Han suk,have you ever? Han suk:*cough*This is a silly question. ##Username##:Tell us!You two.. Kyo soo:Han kyung.. Han kyung:Well...umm.. Han suk:Okay..we'll tell the truth. Kyo soo:Tell it now! What's so hard to say? Han suk:Yeah..we have. Kyo soo:What!? Han kyung:But Kyo soo,its not like that. ##Username##:Wow..Kyo soo..I want to faint! Kyo soo:So what!? Han kyung:Okay..its like this.Its only a.. Han suk:joke! Haha! Kyo soo:Wait,seriously!? ##Username##:Im really gonna faint.. Kyo soo:Im tired..I want to sleep.Cya guys.. ##Username##:Yeah..same..bye.. Han kyung:Okay bye.. *Kyo soo and ##Username## walks off* Han suk:*spy*okay..they are gone.. Han kyung:So..bruh.You know what I was thinking right? Han suk:Ofc..its gonna be crazy.. Han kyung:More revenge. *At they're room* Kyo soo was sleep and then.. Kyo soo:Hmm?*shocked*Han kyung! Han kyung:What? Kyo soo:Tch.Han kyung..im sleepy! Could you go sleep now?don't play joke on me.huh.. Han kyung:Fine..2 don't forget to look back.Maybe there's a- Kyo soo:Uhh..Han kyung.Why don't you sleep here tonight? Han kyung:Woah..you look savage but its only a ghost.And you scare of it. Kyo soo:No one was perfect. Han kyung:Yeah..2 I sleep down here. Kyo soo:Slow the air conditioner please..its so cold here.. Han kyung:Yeah..2 *Tomorrow* Han kyung:Okay bruh..I know what she was scare of. Han suk:Me too.Wait until we revenge. Han kyung:Hey..you say it from last night. Kyo soo:Hmmm..Han kyung.. Han kyung:Ummm..Han suk let's go discuss. Han suk:Yeah..at least far away from here. After Han kyung and Han suk gone,Kyo soo and bestie was discussing about them. Kyo soo:idk why Han kyung ignore me.. ##Username##:Same.. Both:Huh.. Kyo soo:Hmm..I wonder what's the fairy was doing.. ##Username##:Its been 2 or 3 moths we didn't see them. Kyo soo:Let's go to my secret place. *teleport* *At the secret place* Kyo soo:What's happen here..Its so.. Dark..and..black.. ##Username##:No way..no one knows about this.. Jin hye:Hello Kyo soo.. Jin hyo:Long time not seen..hahaha! Okay..maybe this is long for you,but short enough for me..at least let me be your friend..Okay? Saranghae~♡ Sorry for every mistake in my story.bye!

Story is told by French~♡


Thanks friend~♡


This by far one of the best stories i have ever read of course there are mistakes but everyone makes mistakes so dont be sorry for the mistakes in fact if it irritates you just dont acknowledge it an it should help cause it helps me with the mistakes i make... So just dont pay much attention to the mistakes and it should be great plus it is a good story Sincerely, lonewolf ?


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