This incident happened to me when I was only 8... I live abroad since my childhood.. One day my father panned to go back to out homeland and meet my cousins ..of course I was excited but always scared.. coz I know it that our house is in our homeland was build on a grave yard and many paranormal activities had happened.... Well when we teacher their .... We all cousins decided to sleep over in the hall.... At midnight we heard a voice from washroom .. it was like someone's taking shower... We got a bit scared ... But we thought it might me our uncle ... The washroom was in the hall... Suddenly me say the shadow of a man ... We didn't saw who it was ... Just a shadow.. My eldest cousin Saim decide to check who it is.... He 1st went to washroom and told us that the whole washroom is wet and it seems like someone took shower... The he went to check out uncle... He came back ... We noticed that he was shaking badly .... What he told us was like a worst nightmare... "Uncle is sleeping ... For a long"

Story is told by Mayaateek