Today I m gonna tell my nightmare that came true... It's not like I saw a nightmare and it completely came true it's just a minor part which came true... 2 months ago when I saw a nightmare where I was in a bar dancing with my friends ... It was late 11:00 when a man entered the bar... And things started getting weird... He went and just sat at the chair which was at the very corner of the bar.... Idk but why in my nightmare I just kept noticing at him all the time... It wasn't that look.. it was a scary look from my side.... Coz I thought that something's wrong with this man....suddenly my phone bell rang "hello" at the other end it was a stranger... I just kept talking on the phone... It was a normal talk.. and now u r thinking why I was just talking with a stranger... Then for ur real he told me that I m his old friend.. and he knew everything about me... So I kept talking to him... Suddenly I noticed that the man was also holding his phone and talking while staring at me.. for the 1st I thought like everything end but it didn't... I immediately put my phone back in my purse and made my way out.... And then I woke up... The man I saw in my nightmare was actually a stranger for me... Coz he isn't my friend, cousin, realitive etc.. he was new to me... And the very next day when I was in the elevator I saw that man entering the elevator... For a minute I just kept staring him with my mouth and eyes wide open .... He just smiled at me and left.... From that time I have never seen him again and even that nightmare

Story is told by Mayaateek